Easy Money With 2 Dollar Scratch Tickets

If you have a couple of bucks to invest in making serious money, then it’s time to take a look at how easy it is to win 2 dollar scratch tickets. The games that are often times printed on these look rigged, but there are so many options that if you know a few tips and tricks, you will win more often than lose. Follow the steps we will show you here and you can’t lose, it’s that simple.

First and foremost, you will need to start playing the lottery. Play the simple games and test your luck, but don’t take it too seriously at first. The process of doing this will require you to go to the same liquor or convenience store often. You will need to make a certain friendship with the clerk behind the counter. Be friendly, and be nice, but let them know you on a first name basis. Once you’ve established that relationship, you will be ready to move on.

The second step here is to ask the clerk behind the counter which tickets are coming out winners most often. If you are a trusted customer, they will be honest and tell you which ones have the most winners coming back to the store to claim prizes. Once you target that game, you will need to master it beyond others.

The third step here is to make sure that you’re playing the best winning game, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of simply scratching and hoping you win, take a look at the face of the card and look for any marks. Often times the machines that press and make the tickets put a “winning” market on the tickets that will get you the most prize. This little know secret is one that is so subtle that only experts have found it. You need to seriously look, the signs are there, and once you establish which tickets are winners, you will never look back.

If you still have trouble with this, you could always look for a strategy guide that will show you step by step in print how to move forward with such a stellar movement forward. Do not think that it’s impossible to make serious money with the lotto; it’s actually easier than you think. If you treat the game as a business, you can’t fail, but if you play it for “fun” be ready to lose often and never truly succeed.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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Finding the Best Scratch Offs

When it comes to playing the lottery, you have a variety of choices that you can get money from. The best options are scratch offs, but finding the best ones can be difficult at first. You’ll have to follow a few steps in order to get the type of tickets that actually pay and don’t just leave you out in the cold. There are two different types of tickets, some that you will lose 100% of the time, and those that will give you an edge and throw you some serious money, if you can conquer them. Understanding which ones are which will require you to do some investigative research, and that’s why it’s important to look at the following few ideas to help you find the best ones and beat scratch offs once and for all.

The first idea is to look for the elusive scratchers machine. There is a vending machine that the lotto companies put out that has all the lottery tickets you can buy in the form of a vending machine. Locate one of these and then study the games to see which ones are actually “games” that you can play, and which ones are really just glorified casino games. You’ll know the difference after staring at all the choices for a short time.

The second idea is to look for a retailer and then ask the convenience store clerk which ones are selling the most. The ones that sell the most are 90% more likely to be the ones to avoid because they create the most losers. Ask them which ones seem to be the ones that are garnering major winners more often than not. Most stores will tell you the truth, and you can take their advice and master the game and make some money.

The third idea is a matter of studying the tickets that you scratch and lose with. Take the losing tickets and see if you can locate a pattern. You can often times see a pattern develop from losing tickets because they are created by a template inside a machine. With a machine making the winning and losing options, you can trust that there is a finite number of winners and losers, so you just need to get into the winner’s circle.

The above ideas take time to implement, but can help your odds of beating scratch offs with relative ease. You just have to put some work into it, but in the end that work will pay off.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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How To Win Scratch Offs in 3 Steps

Some people invest money into the stock market, other people end up betting on sports, and while some of them gain financial freedom many others fail to grasp the brass ring. Gambling is something that most often causes people to lose money, and it’s the same thing that can sometimes be said about the lottery. Millions of people play the lotto and end up losing out, which is a terrible thing. However, there are some people that have taken the losses and turned the industry on its heads, winning scratchers on a great level, over and over again. In fact, some people have made it into a six-figure living, and all because they refused to lose and have figured out a little known trick to win more often than they lose. Here’s the thing, if you’ve ever wanted to know how to win scratch offs, then you’re ready to learn how to win big. Seriously, take your skeptic side away for a moment and consider the following 3 steps to winning serious money.

Step #1 – Stop Playing Multiple Tickets

When people go to purchase a ticket to try and win the lottery they purchase multiple games. The numbers game is easy to win in theory, but that only works if you’re focusing on one major game. Do not play all the styles that are available, make sure that you only play one game, but ease up on your purchases until you get to step #2.

Step #2 – Select One Game, and Master It

The second step is to select a game and master it. You will need to choose any of the games, and then play it once. Do not throw your ticket away after you lose, scratch everything off and notice where the winning areas were and what you chose. You need to understand that some tickets are 100% losers. However, great deals of tickets are meant for user error for the loss. That means you didn’t scratch the right area, not that the ticket was a loser. You need to make sure that you figure out what the difference is, and how you can trump the company by picking the right area.

Step #3 – Throw Nothing Away

The last thing that you need to do is keep playing, but throw nothing away. In continuation with step #2, you need to make sure that you throw nothing away. Make sure that you keep your tickets, analyze them, and figure out the patterns that are available for you based on every choice you make. This is imperative, and if you don’t do this, you will lose 100% of the time. Throw nothing away, and take that to heart.

The above 3 steps are important. To master the lottery, especially the scratchers, you will need to focus on the three steps above. If you really focus, study, and continue moving forward, you will get your odds moving straight through the roof. This is just one of the ways that can make anyone serious money with the lottery, bank on it.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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Scratch Off Strategy – Win The Lottery

Everyday people walk into their local convenience store and walk out with scratchers. They fumble over their keys and start to have that hope of winning huge money, and when their excitement settles a bit they lose big, and they throw away their ticket in disgust. Have you ever seen that? Better yet, have you ever been the one that has thrown your ticket away in disgust? I know I have, but then things changed when I adopted a scratch off strategy for winning that you can use today to get the odds pushed squarely in your favor. Winning the lottery becomes a thing of ease when you consider a few options, specifically in regards to playing the game not just scratching.

First and foremost, let’s consider the games that you find often. If you see bingo, crosswords, Sudoku, or anything that requires you an element of “game” play then go with those options. The reason why you will want to choose these is because the companies that make the games have to put in an element of chance that favors the player instead of the house. Don’t go out to purchase any just yet, just because you’re favored doesn’t mean you will win. It takes a little bit more effort than selecting the right game.

The second thing you need to be aware of is that you are to blame for your loss when you play the game. If you make the wrong move, you lose. Most tickets are made for you to win, but select the wrong box and you’re out. So in order to make sure that you win, you will have to make a map of all the choices that are available to you. This will require you to play a game multiple times, and lose. I know, this sounds terrible, but give it time, and you’ll see why this works.

After some time, you will have a full map of every outcome of your game. When you have established all the outcomes (there’s a finite number, don’t worry) you can then purchase a ticket, take it home and compare it to the map you have. Then move forward with selecting the right areas, and like magic, you are into the money. Repeat this as often as you wish, winning multiple times and you can make serious money annually.

One last thing to remember, this trick is a matter of study, trial, and error. There is no 100% guarantee that you will win each time, however, the strategy works over time. It’s sure better than blind luck, that’s for sure.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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Scratch Off Tickets Can Make Money

When you search for information online on how to sway the odds of the lotto, you will find a great deal of information that will help you get serious money by simply taking steps to master the lottery. You see, the companies behind scratchers are not scam artists; they give out millions of dollars to people on a regular basis. If you’re looking to make serious money with scratch off tickets, you’ll want to make some adjustments to what you’re doing wrong. Consider the following things to help you change the odds for the better. Remember, these are just helpful hints and are not going to guarantee that you’ll win every time.

When it comes to making bad moves, you’ll have to first stop casting too much money across several different game options. If you’re playing more than one style of game, you’ll have a hard time winning over time. The reason why you won’t win often is because you’re playing with “chance” rather than skill. If you want to win with skill, you’ll have to spend sometime understanding how the games work.

The second thing that you need to make sure that you’re not doing is throwing away your tickets after you’ve lost. Take the ticket and save it, and look at what you did wrong, and how the game rules help to make the game work. By taking time to analyze the ticket that you’re playing, you will be turning into a scholar of the game. By becoming a scholar of the lotto, you’ll win more often than lose, and the money you get will add up to at least six figures.

Consider the fact that scratchers are as cheap as $1. If you have $1 to spend on scratch off tickets, you’ll want to play them on a daily basis. Once you start to realize the tricks and tips that can make you easy money, you will be able to take your knowledge and move to higher costing games.

Of course there will be some skeptics out there that won’t believe that it’s possible to change the odds of scratchers, but it is possible. It requires a bit of research and study but it’s possible. The truth of the matter is that scratch off tickets can make money for those that spend the time to research it. If you simply play for fun, you won’t win, but if you treat these things as though it were a business move, you’ll make money in no time.

Article by Miranda Hewitt

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